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Check-In your order through Cut+Dry and synchronize all your invoices digitally making it easier to track your expenses. Checking in orders through Cut+Dry will update invoices and track credits for shortages or partially delivered items.

  • Select the "Hamburger" menu icon.

  • Select the "Order History" page to view all your placed orders.

  • Find the order you wish to Check-In and select it.

  • Select the “Check-In” button on the bottom right of the screen.

  • You will be brought to the Check-In screen where you can indicate if your items were Received or not.

  • If you need to add more information such as a partially received item select the “Adjust/Credit” below the item.

  • Select the appropriate item Status to automatically calculate a credit for you.

  • From here you have the option to Request Credit for the item before selecting “Done”.

  • Review your Check-In, once confirmed click “Save”.

  • You’ll be asked if you want to send a summary email to the supplier with a request for credit. Selecting "Yes" will notify your supplier of the order error and requested credit.

  • If you need to go back to edit a Check-In later you can access it from the Order History page. Select the Order and press the “Edit Check-In” button.

  • Make adjustments to your Check-In with the above steps.

  • Once order is checked in you’ll notice a green check mark next to on the Order History page indicating that the order is Checked-In.

  • If a credit is owed from the order it will appear in red text below the order.

  • Upload Invoice

    • After you have checked in your order you may want to upload your invoice to the order as well. Uploading invoices has quite a few benefits to using Cut+Dry.

    • An order that has an uploaded invoice can be identified by a Paper Clip icon on the Order History page for quick reference.

  • Unlimited Storage

    • Whether you utilize all benefits that come from invoice uploading or not, our product offers unlimited cloud-based storage and free invoice digitization. Sifting through piles of receipts is over; with Cut+Dry you can easily filter by location, vendor, date, etc. to quickly find any invoice you may need.

  • Auto Reconciliation

    • When you upload an invoice to an order it is scanned to check it against the order you placed through Cut+Dry. The items are matched on your invoice to your order guide and flag any discrepancies that may arise in price, weight, quantity, etc.

  • Accounting and Reports

    • If you assign Accounting Category codes to the items on your order guide, you will find more benefits of uploading invoices. Once the invoices are scanned Cut+Dry uses item codes to match your items to their respective accounting categories and help in generating financial reports.

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