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How to use Cut+Dry: your quick start guide
How to use Cut+Dry: your quick start guide

Get a glimpse of what's possible with Cut+Dry.

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Welcome to Cut+Dry! πŸŽ‰ This article covers all the essentials you need to know to begin using Cut+Dry.

First, what is Cut+Dry?

Cut+Dry is a BOH ordering app for restaurants. We're a robust platform that covers all your suppliers, orders, payments, and much more. No more lengthy phone calls, spending hours on a single order, or managing a variety of vendors with bills coming by mail, email, or in-person. Everything works together in one platform.

Here's a glimpse of what's possible with Cut+Dry:

  • Streamline ordering across all locations and teams

  • Organize order guides by supplier

  • Check-in orders, manage credit requests and see order histories

  • Manage and pay all your invoices

  • Chat directly with your sales rep to confirm orders, accept substitutions, or ask questions

  • Receive delivery ETAs and real-time tracking

Most importantly, don't worry about not knowing everything you can do right away. We'll discover it together.

Restaurants using Cut+Dry are seeing a 50-70% cut in weekly ordering time. πŸš€

The Basics

Before you start working in Cut+Dry, take a few minutes to set yourself up for success.

1️⃣ Add your account information and set your notification preferences. Make sure to add your phone number for timely notifications and choose the app language (we support English, Spanish, French, and Chinese).

Table with example locations

2️⃣ Get the whole team on Cut+Dry. This ensures that everyone can access the information and save you time. You can select different roles when adding your team based on what information they need access to.

table with team members example

Cut+Dry is FREE; you can add as many team members as you want.

The Platform

This is where the magic happens. You can use Cut+Dry on your desktop or download our app for Android and iOS.


From the sidebar, you can access the different tabs, see notifications, and reach out to our team for support.

Cut+Dry place an order interface

Place Order

Place an Order is essential to working in Cut+Dry - it brings suppliers, order guides, catalogs, and shopping carts together in one place.


You can manage all suppliers in Cut+Dry. We separate them into two main categories, and you'll see words like integrated supplier throughout the platform.

  • Integrated suppliers have their systems connected to Cut+Dry. That means you'll be able to shop their entire catalog, and we automatically generate your order guide and send your orders to them in real-time (like an e-commerce shop).

  • Non-integrated suppliers are not connected to Cut+Dry. You can add your order guides and place orders, and we'll make sure they get it.

Order Guide

This is where you'll find your favorite or frequent products. You're able to create an order guide manually or by uploading an invoice or accessing an order guide created by your sales rep.

πŸ”₯ Tip: you can edit your order guide - create categories (fridge, bar, stockroom), move items (most ordered items can be at the top), and add new items from the catalog.

Shopping Cart

Once you add products to your order, you'll be able to see your shopping cart. You can quickly review the order, add special instructions for your supplier, set the delivery date, select substitutions (if needed), and see recommended items.

Product Catalog

The catalog is an e-commerce experience where you'll be able to see and shop all supplier products 24/7.


Categories help you find the specific product types you are looking for. You can also filter products by brands or manufacturers.


You can save your order for later. This means you can start your order in the kitchen and complete it in the office or add items throughout the week.


Any item catalog can be added to your order by simply clicking on the heart icon.


Pay is where you can manage all your invoices and payments. With Cut+Dry, you can centralize all your bills, pay them on time, and keep track of everything in one platform. Once the invoice is in Cut+Dry, you can pay it with 1 click!

Upload Invoices

You can upload any invoice to Cut+Dry. Simply select the supplier and upload a picture of your invoice. This ensures you have a centralized place with all invoices instead of keeping paper copies at your desk.

Payment Method

You can pay invoices by Credit Card, Debit Card, or Bank Transfer - even if your supplier doesn't accept them. We'll make sure they get the fund in 1-3 business days. You can also enable auto-pay!

And now you know all the important stuff. Keep this page handy as you work in Cut+Dry.

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