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Add a National Supplier
Add a National Supplier

Add National Suppliers to Earn more Cut+Dry Cash

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You can earn cashback when you add National Suppliers with your login credentials.

Adding Sysco, US Foods, and Performance Foodservice, etc. will allow you to explore Switch+Earn opportunities and Order+Earn Cash rewards.

What you need:

  1. The Cut+Dry App for iOS or Android. Or log into Cut+Dry on Desktop.

  2. Accounts with National Suppliers such as Sysco, US Foods, or Performance Foodservice.

  3. Account Credentials (username and password).

Helpful Hint: If you don't know your credentials we suggest asking a coworker or reaching out to your sales rep.

  1. Visit Place Order from the sidebar navigation and scroll to the bottom.

  2. Tap +Add Supplier.

  3. Tap Continue.

  4. Enter the names of your National Suppliers.

  5. To add more than 4 suppliers, tap +Add More.

  6. When you've finished entering the names of your National Suppliers, tap Continue.

  7. Tap OK.

  8. To enter the credentials or your sales rep's contact information for a supplier, tap Finish Setup.

  9. Check the Website (Preferred) box, then enter your username and password.

  10. Tap the Location(s) dropdown menu to select a location for your order guide. If your restaurant is a single location or if your order guide is used by all restaurants select All Locations.

  11. Want to chat with your sales rep about your orders from the Cut+Dry app? Add your sales rep's email or mobile number to use our Supplier Chat feature.

  12. Once you've entered your credentials and sale rep's information, tap Save.


You've added a National Supplier. We will update your order guide and let you know when you are ready to order.

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