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Manage Your Workflow

Edit Order Guides, Order Guide Settings, Team Roles, Locations and Profiles.

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Adding items to an Order Guide

  • Since we covered how to manually add items to your Order Guide for non-integrated suppliers in the Place an Order article, we will look at the 3 ways to add items to an Integrated Supplier Order Guide

  • Integrated Broadliner Supplier

  • Select the Supplier you wish to add an item from, start an order, then select "+ Add Item".

  • Search for the item you wish to add to your Order Guide. Select the item from the drop down menu and it will automatically be added to your Order Guide.

  • This item will appear at the bottom of your order guide. So you may need to adjust it's location in your Order Guide (see Organize your Order Guide below).

Integrated Suppliers that do not have the “+Add Item” button on their Order Guides.

  • Shop from Catalog

  • If the Supplier has a "+ Catalog" option on Cut+Dry you can add items through their catalog.

  • Search for the product you are looking for by scrolling, "Filters", text input or any methods combined. Using the "+" to add the desired items to your Order Guide.

  • Once added successfully the "+" will change to "Added to Guide".

  • If there is no “+Catalog” or “+Add Item” option in your Integrated Supplier Order Guide please reach out to your sales rep to have them add the items to their system for you and it will automatically update on our end when our systems synchronize, typically within 1 day.

Edit Items

  • To edit an Order Guide, simply select the Supplier from the “Place Order” page and start an order to access the Order Guide.

  • To edit items that are already on your Order Guide select “Edit” in the upper right corner.

  • To edit an item select the “Pencil Icon” on the right.

On this Edit Item screen you can modify all your item-specific fields.

  • Add an Item Code manually to your order guide, or if you upload invoices we will automatically match your items to the correct Item Code. This can be helpful if you utilize any of the accounting features in Cut+Dry, it also helps reduce order errors and ensure that you receive the correct products every time.

  • Add additional Units of Measure (UoM), or even create your own custom UoMs.

  • Assign a Price to each UoM.

  • Add ordering Pars to each UoM so you are always ordering the right amount.

  • Assign an Accounting Category, if you need more customization on your accounting codes those can be managed on the desktop version. (See Advanced Features)

  • "Hide Item", this action can be undone in the desktop edit section.

  • When your edits are complete select “Save”

Organize Your Order Guide

  • Back on the Edit Order Guide screen you can also Sort, Organize and create Sections to make ordering even more streamlined.

    • Select the “(Sort A-Z)” text and it will alphabetize your list. You can also use the “6 Grey Dots” on the right to drag items to your preferred order.

    • Create sections in your Order Guide to organize your lists exactly how you like them. Select the “+Add Section” button to create a new section.

  • Name your Section as you would like it to appear in your Order Guide.

  • Sections can be edited and organized the same way as items.

Order Guide Settings (Desktop only)

  • Additional Order Guide settings are customizable by logging into through a desktop web browser.

  • Login to with the same credentials you use for the app.

  • Select "Place Order" in the upper right menu.

  • Then, select the "3 dots" on the far right of the supplier name and select "Edit".

  • This will bring you to the desktop Edit Order Guide screen.

  • Select the "3 dots" in the upper right corner and select "Settings".

  • You can edit your Order Guide Name and Guide Description.

  • Add or remove Locations from a Supplier's Order Guide.

  • Select your Delivery Days for your vendor.

  • Adjust employee abilities to Add Items to an Order Guide.

  • Create one Accounting Category for the entire Order Guide.

  • Setup up Order Reminder Alerts for cut off times, and manage who receives those alerts.

  • Make sure to "Save" your settings when finished.


  • In Settings you can edit your user "Profile", "Restaurant" profile and "Team" roles.

  • To edit your user "Profile" select it under the "Settings" menu.

  • Here you can edit your user details, change your "Password", adjust your preferred language and set your "Notification Preferences".

  • You can remove yourself from notifications or choose to receive them via email, text or both. Make sure you "Save" to update your profile.

  • To adjust your "Restaurant" profile, select it from the "Settings" menu.

  • You can edit your restaurant's Name, upload a company Logo that will be used in any order placed through Cut+Dry and add an optional Billing Address for invoices and our Pay feature.

  • You can choose to have company wide CC Emails to alert for order updates. Add as many email addresses as you would like separated by a comma and "Save".

  • If you wish to take advantage of our Pay feature you can add your Payment Methods here, either ACH or Credit Card. (See Pay article)

  • To edit your "Team" select it under the "Settings" menu.

  • "Add User" by selecting the upper right corner.

  • Add User by inputting their Name, contact info, select their Role and Location.

  • If you have multiple locations you can assign a User to one or multiple locations.

  • Select "Add User" and Cut+Dry will send out an invitation on your behalf notifying the User that they have been added to your account.

  • The 3 Role types are explained in this pop-up window.

  • To Edit User select their name from the Team menu.

  • If you are an owner you can change Role types and "Remove Users".

Locations (Desktop only)

  • Adding additional Locations can be done by logging into through a desktop web browser.

  • Login to with the same credentials you use for the app.

  • Select "Locations" in the "Settings" menu in the left hand menu.

  • Select "Create New Location"

  • A new location will immediately be created, select "Edit" to add Location details.

  • Here you can add the Location Name, an Email or Cell for all alerts that are location specific, Address, and Location specific Logo.

  • Be sure to Name your location something that identifies it clearly to Suppliers as this will be the location name they see when you place orders.

  • "Save" when you are done.

  • Your new location is viewable in "Locations" and can be added to existing Order Guides in the Desktop Order Guide Settings and to Employees in Team as needed.

  • When you add a new Location you will need to assign Order Guides to it.

Add new location-specific credentials for integrated vendors

  • If you have one set of online ordering credentials across all of your locations, all of your Order Guides will be synced and you can ignore the following steps. If you have separate online ordering credentials for each of your Locations, you will need to add each of them to your Supplier.

  • Login to with the same credentials you use for the app.

  • Select "Suppliers", then select the Supplier you wish to add credentials for.

  • Some Integrated Suppliers only require a Customer Code. Enter each locations specific code.

  • Select "+Add another account" for Integrated Suppliers that require online credentials.

  • Input your Supplier Online User Name and Password along with the location that is associated with and "Save".

  • In a few minutes, your Order Guides for this Location will be added to the Place Order page.

Add new location-specific Sales Reps

  • If your sales reps are different per location, you can add new sales reps that only see orders for specific locations.

  • From the Place Order screen, begin an order with the Supplier you would like to add a sales rep to.

  • From the Delivery Date screen choose "Edit Supplier"

  • Under the contact for your supplier you can choose which Locations are associated with each contact.

  • To remove a location, select the "X" next to the location.

  • Select "+ Add another email" to add another Sales Rep's email address and select the location they are meant to receive orders from.

  • "Save" when finished.

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