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Creating an Order Guide

How to create an order guide with non-integrated suppliers.

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There are two ways to create an order guide with non-integrated suppliers.

Uploading Invoice:

Select Upload Invoice or Item List.

This will access the camera or photos library on your phone to upload a photo of an invoice or list that contains items you order frequently.

If your invoice is multiple pages, select Add Photo to attach additional pages.

Once you have all pages captured tap Done.

We will scan and add the items to your order guide within 24 hours

so you can start ordering!

Manually Adding Items:

If you do not have a photo, you can select Manually Add Items and follow the steps below.

Tap the +Add Item button.

Enter details of the item, into the fields provided (some fields are optional)

and tap Save Item.

The items added will now appear on your order guide.

Repeat this process until you have added all of your desired items.

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